Self Suspense Ion

Self Suspense Ion is a participatory multimedia art installation where we invite the attendees to ride a physical swing in an immersive projected space. This kinesthetic experience transports your body and mind to an abstract world using virtual reality technology to explore the idea of embodied cognition. We invite the audience to reflect on the thoughts, feelings and perception of reality that the piece evokes as they transition from the real to the virtual state. The experience is an intrinsically human one, where an array of emotions surface - ranging from nostalgia and joy to even isolation and loss. 

Created in collaboration with Adam Peregovits as AKA Collective


RectoVRSO as part of VIFF Immersed, 2019

Recto VRSO at Laval Virtual (the Virtual edition) 2020

AKA Collective

AKA Collective is a partnership between Artists Adam Peregovits and Kavya Satyakumar. 

Their practice strives to explore the intersection of physical and virtual worlds through Art and Design. In an increasingly technology-driven world, our perception of the world around us is affected by new and emerging media and art forms. They believe that art as commentary, design as a medium and installation as a form can facilitate meaningful and important conversations between people.